Global Internet Services

Global companies that wish to connect new branches in different countries need to order, operate and administered the internet infrastructure in those countries.

The service provided by Internet Binat offers internet services (DIA) in 235 countries and islands around the globe through carefully chosen internet service providers, in order to provide the best and highest SLA service in every location.

International branch internet infrastructure is a major component of an organization’s infrastructure.

Internet Binat provides, administrates and monitors internet infrastructures (DIA) in 235 countries and islands around the globe.
This service includes the supply and installation of end equipment on the customer’s site (router or firewall), installation of optical or wireless infrastructure, service inspection and monitoring to ensure the performance of the internet infrastructure.
After engaging the service, we monitor installed internet lines 24 hours a day all year round, and handle any malfunction as it occurs, while informing relevant contact persons within the organization by mail, SMS or phone.

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