The MPLS protocol is an advanced communication protocol that allows the creation of a private virtual network with a predetermined SLA over public networks. With these networks customers in Israel and around the world can be provided with high quality advanced secured networks at relatively low costs. The customer receives the same level of service with these networks as with a private communication line: continuous and reliable communication with guaranteed performance.

Carry on without

The MPLS infrastructure can link several branches over an international communication network in a Mesh configuration, without the need for dedicated lines to a central network location. This configuration offers global communication that is sustainable, reliable, inexpensive and with a predetermined level of service, allowing the use of sensitive applications such as Citrix, video conference, VoIP and more.

An optimal solution for international companies

Through Internet Binat’s presence sites abroad and by cooperating with leading suppliers around the world, Internet Binat provides border crossing MPLS connections to its global customers. Internet Binat provides such customers with an end-to-end managed solution, from the planning to the various stages of implementation and regular operation, and selects the best international provider for each customer according to its needs.

With MPLS connections up to hundreds of sites around the world can be connected. This is why the MPLS infrastructure is optimally suited for companies with sites abroad.

Cooperation with leading suppliers around the world

In order to provide our customers with high quality MPLS infrastructure, we cooperate with some of the best supplier around the world, including Verizon, GTT, level 3, Airtel, and others.

An alternative to traditional MPLS infrastructures 

Together with the American company Aryaka, Internet Binat has established an international MPLS network that allows any site around the world to connect to sites in Israel within hours.

This new infrastructure offers all of the advantages of MPLS, together with increased network stability, improved application performance, a built-in command and control system that provides comprehensive information on the activity of applications over the network, rapid bandwidth changes or branch location, as well as a fast connection to any existing or future cloud service (Azure, AWS, Google), Burst support and payment for Burst without the need to commit in advance to a maximum bandwidth, and a service implementation time of hours rather than months.

More information about MPLS Alternative can be found in the following link Aryaka – How the service works ?

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