Information security

Network information security – the challenge

Communication and internet lines are the main network through which information travels to and from the servers and personal computers of an organization.
Today’s hacking tools can identify weaknesses in computers, servers and organizational information security systems (for example, firewalls) by continuously scanning through internet lines and immediately taking advantage of any vulnerability.
An organization’s IT managers have to allocate more and more resources to dealing with this constant and continuous challenge, in order to protect the organization’s resources around the clock.

How can you provide an adequate response to security challenges while maintaining a reasonable budget?

The simplest and most sensible answer to these challenges is to obtain information security services as a network service that provides protection for the organization’s users and servers, while continuously updating in order to face developing threats, without interfering with the work of users.

What security services do we provide?

  • Network internet surfing protection
  • Electronic mail protection
  • Protection for users and servers against malware from remote users (VPN)
  • Protection of internet and communication lines against traffic flooding (DDoS)
  • Management, maintenance and security upgrades for the organization’s Firewall system in multi-branch organizations
  • Secured user access to the organization’s servers from outside the organization (VPN)
  • Application firewall

Information security without equipment costs
The managed service model offers advance information security for organizations, without the need to invest in expensive equipment and software (such as a firewall, encryption software or mail protection boxes).

Managing information security policies  
Managed security services allow the information security team to define and manage the organization security policies, without the need to endlessly update a proprietary security system installed at a on-site.

This is even more economical and efficient for companies with several locations: with managed security services such companies can maintain a unified overall security policy for all branches and all employees, difficult task to accomplish so far,  due for technological and logistical limitations.

Focused security for maximum efficiency
With our managed services, organizations can implement security policies at any level: from hardware, through servers and applications, to branches.

Our experts implement custom made security according to the needs of the customer. For example, firewall services and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) directly adjusted for a specific server or application, not affecting the performance of other organizationa systems.

Maximum flexibility
The managed services model embodies all of the advantages of cloud computing: the customer enjoys maximum flexibility in security upgrades, adding new tools, protection of multiple sites, new employees and more.

The most advanced technologies
In order to provide our services we have joined with some of the world’s leading information security companies, all leaders in their fields year after year.

Below are some of the companies represented by us that host their services is Israel Internet Binat’s datacenter:

  • Zscaler – provides security services to users within and outside an organization when surfing the internet.
  • SecurityDam / RadWare – provides network protection services against DDoS attacks
  • FuseMail – provides advanced network protection services for E-mails (Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus)
  • FireEye – provides advanced network protection services for E-mails (Sandbox)
  • Cygilant – provides a cloud service for both Security Operation Center (SOC), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


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