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What if your MPLS could:

  • Be deployed in hours or days through one single provider?
  • Provide seamless access to cloud and SaaS applications, along with private connectivity to the branch office or data center?
  • Include WAN Optimization within the network, so that applications run faster and save on bandwidth over the network?

You would be able then to:

Unfortunately, your MPLS can’t.

MPLS is difficult to deploy and has no flexibility. Trying to establish an MPLS link at a branch office can take months. And if you already have an established connection at your current location, but intend to move offices, you’re talking about long project times to receive the same level of connectivity. This problem gets compounded as your business expands globally, as there is no single global MPLS vendor.

MPLS cannot access cloud-based and SaaS applications. As global enterprises move their data and applications to cloud and SaaS environments, MPLS becomes obsolete. MPLS links are designed to connect into direct locations, not the cloud. Therefore, businesses are forced to work around these issues by backhauling cloud and SaaS applications through the data center. Unfortunately, this does not provide the reliability and performance end-users require to be productive.

MPLS does not include WAN Optimization. In order to achieve some consistent application performance through MPLS, WAN Optimization appliances are necessary at the edge of each network. This, in turn, adds additional investments in the form of hardware purchases and the IT resources needed to maintain them.


If you could software define MPLS, here is what it would look like:

  • You could deploy a private and secure network in a matter of days, and it could be scaled in minutes, with no capital expenditure.
  • You could enable users to access cloud-based and SaaS applications with the same consistency as the data in their branch offices.
  • You could layer additional networking technology within the network to simplify the infrastructure, provide faster performance, and offer complete network and application visibility.

And if MPLS were being designed today. Here are the components it would have:

  • A Global Private Network: This would bypass the public Internet to provide MPLS-grade connectivity to deliver a consistent and reliable user experience. One single private network would also relieve an enterprise from having to manage MPLS contracts from tens of providers to create their network.
  • WAN Optimization: This would speed up application performance for end users around the world and reduce the bandwidth used throughout the network.
  • SD-WAN functionality: This provides more efficient path selection through the network along with reducing complexity and cost of the WAN as a whole.
  • Cloud/SaaS Connectivity: The network would be able to integrate these applications into the network, providing faster and more efficient access compared to legacy networks.
  • Speed of Deployment: Businesses could setup their enterprise WAN as fast as they could log onto the Internet.

And that’s what Aryaka has done. We’ve done the equivalent of software-defining MPLS and have been providing it as a service for nearly a decade. As a result, Aryaka’s global SD-WAN provides flexibility, reliability, application performance, and SaaS connectivity with the click of a button.


Aryaka’s global SD-WAN was designed from the beginning to provide globally distributed enterprises fast, reliable, secure, and scalable connectivity, while also enabling users to achieve cloud-based and SaaS application acceleration from remote geographies around the world. Our focus has always been to deliver MPLS-grade connectivity in a software-defined infrastructure, that can deploy new sites and bandwidth in hours. Because we care about our customers’ performance, we provide best-in-class support to ensure they’re up and running no matter where they are in the world.

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    Erez Greenbaum
    08:11 10 Sep 19
    I am working side by side with Binat an several years, and was constantly amazed with their business insight and brilliant ways to solving problems.We was setup more the 15 MPLS line for our business around the world, which gave the company a significant advantage on top of the competitors.I really hope that our paths will not diverge in the future, and would recommend with all my heart working with Binat Internet and take advantage of their incredible and rare qualities.
    Alex Levin
    14:27 19 Aug 19
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    We get the absolute pleasure of working with Binat Internet for the last 5 years.We are worked on challenging and innovative projects on a global scale.I believe that every organization that would work or interact with Binat Internet will benefit dramatically from that. I want to note the excellent technical round-the-clock support, especially the Israeli team. Team is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time.Any of your problems will be solved ASAP.Will be happy to recommend Binat Internet every time, knowing the benefits and attitude they are bringing with them to every project.
    Valery Kucher
    11:32 18 Aug 19
    The excellent company,High professional levelYou always can trust the technical people that help you in any situation.
    Igor Vinokur
    14:27 14 Aug 19