?What does the new Chines VPN ban mean to corporate IT

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What is VPN and why it is used?

Many organizations that have remote sites or/and mobile users in China, uses IPSEC-VPN or SSL-VPN over the internet. This way of connectivity is very common way to connect mobile users or/and remote sites in a secure way to the corporate resources, located at the main office/data center or as a cloud services.

What’s the reason behind Chinese authorities to ban VPN use?

The reason for this step, is to prevent Chinese citizens to access unauthorized access to websites outside of China, using VPN technology.

This new ban is about to be implemented starting February 2018 but some of our customers who works from China, indicates that they already started facing issues with their VPN from the remote sites and mobile users.

What are the other methods that can be used to fix this issue?

Traditionally this problem was solved by using an MPLS connectivity to connect a specific remote site to the corporate network.

However there are some issues with this kind of solution:

  1. Time to implement .This kind of solution takes around 6 to 1 2 month to implement (depend on the remote site location).
  2. No flexibility. It take long time to upgrade the speed or change the connectivity end location.
  3. 0 agility and elasticity.
  4. Doesn't support cloud connectivity.
  5. No redundancy

Is there a way to solve the VPN issues and gain all the benefits of using the flexibility the internet is giving us in China?

The specific situation where old technology (like the one I described) doesn't give answer to the new challenges require organizations to adopt new technologies that can Handel all the requirements with ease .

Since 2009, Aryaka networks built a ground breaking technology based on a private network, that allows companies to have a stable and redundant secured connectivity with traffic optimization and acceleration worldwide as a service module that also provide a bullet proof service that solves the problem with the Chinese VPN ban instantly and without compromising the corporate security policy.

Want to hear more about our services? Please contact us and we will be happy to provide with  more details.

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